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Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Stories

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Customer Success

Customer Success Story: Derek Kelly from Dublin 3

“I was looking for an instructor who was able to offer me a high level in advanced driving to the approved ROSPA standard. I found Colm to be an extremely clear and articulate instructor, who can communicate complicated processes in an easy to understand and relaxed way. I would highly recommend Colm to anyone seeking to up their standard of driving to the next level as Colm has a clear command of ROSPA’s System of Car Control and the observational skills which lead to increased safety and a more enjoyable driving experience.”
Customer Success

Customer Success Story: Carl Stallwood from Dublin 8

“The reason I chose Colm was because he had one of the first websites I found online. Anyone I know that is looking to further their driving will certainly be given Colm’s number from me. I have been driving a number of years in a couple of different countries so I felt I knew a little bit more than the average driver, but the things Colm showed me in the lessons really broadened my thinking and perception of driving. On the roads where it’s becoming busier and more aggressive, Colm was able to change the way I looked at the road and approached different situations which I am extremely thankful for and have been putting them into practice each time I get in my car. Thank you very much Colm!”
Customer Success

Customer Success Story: Fiona Troy from Dublin 5

“I chose Colm Branigan as he was highly recommended to me by a family member due to his exceptional tuition above and beyond a lot of other driving instructors. I was anxious about driving having lost confidence from previous experiences. I found his style of teaching very assured, calm and extremely positive leaving me feeling very relaxed throughout each session. Each lesson was dedicated to clear and effective advice and tuition in very friendly and respectful interaction. The reflective log at the end of each session was very useful to me in capturing key learning points. I would have no hesitation in recommending driving instructor Colm Branigan to anyone especially a nervous person or someone lacking confidence to drive. I truly did not believe I could overcome my fear of driving which fear I have totally overcome thanks to his calm and informative method of teaching.”
Customer Success

Customer Success Story: Cian McDermott from Longford

“It’s been 19 years since I got my full Irish driving licence. In that time I have managed to rack up 6 penalty points and pick up lots of bad habits along the way. I knew it was time for a refresher course to relearn the skill of driving again. I really wanted to improve my situational awareness on the road and become a better, safer driver. I discovered Colm Branigan online. I arranged to meet him in Airside Retail Park in Swords for a personalised 2-hour driving lesson in my own car. Before we started driving, I was struck by Colm’s professional and calm approach. He created a safe space to ask questions, however basic they seemed. Before we turned a key in the ignition, Colm demonstrated a thorough car check both outside and inside the vehicle – we checked tyre quality, lights, passenger seatbelts and mirrors. During the lesson, we worked on several different aspects of my driving and Colm gave me some key take home messages. Colm also got me to think about how the new driving techniques made me feel while driving. I certainly felt more relaxed and confident to deal with potential hazards on the road –he calls this relaxed concentration. Thinking about the lesson afterwards – I realised that any potential driving distraction (mobile phone, satnav, etc.) significantly impairs a driver’s ability to prepare for problems ahead on the road. I feel that I benefited from Colm’s driving instruction and hopefully my driving will also improve! I recommend his lessons to everyone and I plan to book in with him again for another follow up lesson. Customer Satisfaction 5 Stars.”

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AIG Consults with Colm Branigan

Ireland’s roads have never been busier, we are at capacity on many roads around the country and way over it on the M50 surrounding the capital. This means driving has never been more of a challenge. So, we thought we would ask experts for some advanced driving tips that may help you become a smarter driver and get where you are going safe and sound.

Advanced and defensive driving are terms that are sometimes confused so we asked driving expert Colm Branigan from Advanced Driving Ireland for his definitions.

Read full article here.

Ireland's First Qualified Driving Coach

Colm Branigan is the first Irish Driving Instructor to become a Qualified Driving Coach. His coaching methods put YOU at the centre of the learning process. He will facilitate your learning in an atmosphere that is both conducive and creative, allowing you to unleash your potential. Watch the video for more information on Coaching in Driver Training.


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