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Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Stories

Read what our corporate customers are saying. Explore our customer success stories.

Customer Success

“We recently ran a Driving for Work Awareness Week here at Brookfield Renewable.  Part of this initiative was to provide Advanced/Defensive Driver training to our staff.  We chose Colm Branigan to complete this training as we have done in the past as Colm came highly recommended to us many years ago. As he has always done in the past, he put our participants at ease and all found Colm to be approachable, clear and highly effective in the training he provided.  As you would imagine some staff were apprehensive about completing this training as they were nervous that it would be like doing their driving test all over again but the feedback from all after the training was completed was that they found it extremely beneficial and a great way to refresh their driving skills and awareness in general.  They all commented that it was Colm’s approach to the driver training that facilitated them to enjoy the experience.

I would highly recommend Colm to other companies as he is the upmost professional and a pleasure to deal with and most importantly an excellent driver trainer.”

Ann Marie Coleman

Fleet & Facilities Lead, Brookfield Renewable

Customer Success

“The Commercial Team in Coillte chose Colm Branigan as he came highly recommended to us. Each of the participants found Colm’s style of coaching to be clear, concise and overall we all benefited from our training days.

Colm brings a unique style to his driving course making the driver feel at ease while at the same time giving little tips on how to improve the driving experience.

I would highly recommend Colm to other companies who wish to give their employees a new outlook on driving.”

John Hoolan

Property Sales Team Leader, Land Solutions | Coillte

Customer Success

“Colm Branigan from Advanced Driving Ireland came highly recommended by our insurance broker and after our initial engagement it was obvious he would bring the desired level of expertise and professionalism we needed.

Colm’s relaxed and approachable style meant all drivers were put at ease allowing them to focus on their driving and learn as much as possible from the training. I would recommend Colm to other Companies.

He knows his area extremely well and is very well regarded by the insurance industry.”

Francis O’Brien,

Finance Director

Walsh Mushrooms Group

Gorey Co. Wexford.

Customer Success

Dear Colm,

Thank you so much for all your efforts over the past few weeks in helping us deliver the advanced driving course and raising the general skill level of all our drivers.

Our decision to use Advanced Driving Ireland was quickly justified from our first e-mail communication, when after discussing what we wished to achieve, you swiftly recommended the appropriate course and informed us that it could be delivered in our own company vehicle.

All the candidates being assessed feel they have benefitted greatly as drivers, from both the classroom and practical phases of the course. With the driving phase being delivered in a calm and professional manner with timely knowledge being dispensed throughout.

I would not hesitate in recommending Advanced Driving Ireland to anyone wishing to improve their employees, or their own, driver awareness and skill level.

Alec Boyle

Lead Engineer

Ahern Equipment Ireland

Customer Success

“We embarked on finding a suitable yardstick for introducing a car safety course under our banner of Health & Safety in the workplace, primarily for our company car drivers. Not knowing what to expect from such a course we invited a couple of prospective clients to present the features and benefits of their product.

It was obvious from the outset that Colm Branigan was by far superior in advising us what we needed as opposed to what was out there in general. Colm’s approach to our needs was such that we extended the course to all our employees, such was the overall benefit we foresaw. The course itself was brilliant in its simplicity. The drivers were made to feel right at ease and assured that this was NOT a driving test but more of a way to gauge themselves and perhaps learn a little more about the advances in motoring over the years. The course actually generated & encouraged ‘gentle’ competition among all the staff!!

We would recommend Colm Branigan of Advanced Driving Ireland to your company & staff not because it’s simply a car driving course but honestly because based on my own thinking and comments from the staff, the car driving experience after completing the course became part of you and most certainly more enjoyable.”

Tom Maguire  Administration Manager

Roche Ireland

Customer Success

“We chose Colm as after looking at the services that other instructors were providing, Colm offered the best level of customer service on every level – detailed account of what would be covered, thorough approach to listening to the reasons why we wanted to undertake the advanced driving course, assurance of  comprehensive reporting, flexibility to accommodate availability, preferred location and very good value for money.

We found Colm’s style of coaching highly effective – he put us at our ease but challenged us in a positive and encouraging way. A huge amount of material and tasks were covered in the 2-hour session but in a very paced and engaging way. Colm has a great way of explaining things clearly and helping you to apply them in the moment so they are understood.

We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Colm – excellent customer service, high quality of service tailored to the organisation and individual’s needs, extremely thorough approach to assessing driving capabilities of the customer in an enabling and motivating way and most importantly for us, the learning has improved driver awareness for safety.”

Rosaleen Molloy, 

National Director, 

Music Generation.

Customer Success

“Kish Fish Co Ltd was looking to introduce a driver safety programme and Colm Branigan of Advanced Driving Ireland was recommended to us by our insurance broker.

Colm’s approach right from the start was organised, calming and reassuring for all our drivers, His instruction was concise and clear and easy to understand.

Our drivers were happy to refresh their driving skills and found the training very beneficial.

Colm was extremely flexible about fitting in the needs and times of our business.

We would highly recommend Colm Branigan of Advanced Driving Ireland and we will certainly use him again in the future.”


Bill O’Meara, 


Kish Fish Co. Ltd..

Customer Success

“As an employer,  I would absolutely recommend Colm Branigan’s Advanced Driving Programme as a must do for all company car drivers.

The feedback from my all female team was one of positive engagement.

Colm made everybody feel at ease and the two-hour programme was full of useful information for already experienced drivers.

It was an enjoyable experience for all and will consider repeating on a regular basis.”


Geraldine Whelan,

General Manager, 

Nordic Pharma Ireland.

Customer Success

FM104 recently used Colm Branigan of Advanced Driving Ireland to train our promotional staff in advanced driving. I found Colm to be very professional, efficient, understanding and courteous. I would have no hesitation in using Colm Branigan again in the future and would certainly recommend his advanced driving courses to others.

Jennifer Phillips

FM104 Dublin

Latest  News

advanced driving course

September 2021 - RSA Approved ESDS Trainer

Colm continues to invest in his own education and training. He has qualified as an RSA Approved ESDS Trainer Level 2 Category B Cars. ESDS stands for Emergency Services Driving Standard. You may find out more about this coveted qualification by clicking here!


advanced driving

June 2021 - Hybrid/Electric Familiarisation Training with Sysco Ireland

Colm has been awarded the contract to deliver Hybrid/EV (Electric Vehicle) Familiarisation Courses to Sysco Ireland. The company has rolled out the delivery of a fleet of brand-new Hyundai Tucson Hybrid and Hyundai Kona Full Electric vehicles to its staff in keeping with its progression towards carbon neutral goals.  Colm’s training will help staff transition from their traditional fossil fuel vehicles to self-charging hybrids and full EVs. Find out more about our Electric Vehicle/Hybrid Courses- use our Contact Us Page


May 2021- RSA Approved Driving Instructor Trucks & Buses

Colm adds to his qualifications. He is now an RSA Approved Driving Instructor for Category C (Trucks) and Category D (Buses) having successfully completed all three stages of the RSA ADI qualifying process- Theory Tests, Driving Tests in Category C & D vehicles, and Test of Instructional Ability. Find our more about Colm’s suite of qualifications by clicking here.

advanced driving

February 2021- QQI Level 6 Special Award in Training & Development

Colm continues to invest in his own education. He has achieved the QQI Level 6 Special Purpose Award with distinction in Training and Development (Train the Trainer Qualification 6S3372 from Quality & Qualifications Ireland).  To achieve this award, one must have achieved the Training Needs Identification & Design and the Training Delivery & Evaluation QQI Level 6 Qualifications. Find out more about Colm's suite of qualifications by clicking here

August 2019 - Driving Instructor Training with Colm Branigan

Colm has been helping trainees to become driving instructors for the last 12 years. He delivers training for all three stages of the RSA-ADI qualification process. Stage 1 Theory Test, Stage 2 Driving Test and Stage 3 Test of Instructional Abililty.  He also helps fully qualified ADIs with courses in Coaching and Client-Centred-Learning and Check Test Training. He is now a member of the elite ADI training team at Ladybird Driving School, Ireland's first all-female instructor driving school. If you wish to kickstart a new, enjoyable and rewarding career and become a driving instructor, contact Colm Branigan


July 2019 - EV (Electric Vehicle) Familiarisation Courses with Pallas Foods

Colm has been awarded the contract to deliver EV (Electric Vehicle) Familiarisation Courses to Pallas Foods. The course syllabus includes Power Management (Throttle Response), Drive Modes, Recuperation Levels (Brake Regeneration), Vehicle Safety Assistance Systems, Vehicle Handling and Battery Charging.  Pallas Foods has just begun its EV transfer programme with the purchase of new Hyundai Kona Electric Vehicles. Find out more about our Electric Vehicle Courses- use our Contact Us Page


April 2018 - AIG Consults with Colm Branigan

Ireland’s roads have never been busier, we are at capacity on many roads around the country and way over it on the M50 surrounding the capital. This means driving has never been more of a challenge. So, we thought we would ask experts for some advanced driving tips that may help you become a smarter driver and get where you are going safe and sound.

Advanced and defensive driving are terms that are sometimes confused so we asked driving expert Colm Branigan from Advanced Driving Ireland for his definitions.

Read full article here.

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