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Colm has over 22 years experience in the driver training industry and is a registered RoSPA Advanced Driving Trainer in Ireland. The combination of his experience and his extensive qualifications ideally places him to help you with Advanced Driving. His knowledge and understanding of driving and training will help you enjoy the benefits of improved driving skills. Furthermore, as a qualified driving coach, he will help you to unleash your potential by paying exquisite attention to YOU and placing you at the centre of the learning process. Take a step in the right direction. Choose the Ultimate Advanced Driving Course with Colm Branigan.

advanced driving course

Training for Companies

The ultimate fleet training courses delivering demonstrable improvements and cost savings to companies.

Training for Individuals

Skill development, confidence building and bespoke programmes available to individual clients.

Advanced Driving Tests

Training sessions in preparation for RoSPA and IAM Advanced Driving Tests and all aspects of Roadcraft, The Police Driver’s Handbook.

Client List & Benefits

Advanced Driving Courses with Colm Branigan have delivered demonstrable driving improvements and have reduced risk to companies all over Ireland.

Current Client List includes blue chip companies like:

  • SSE Airtricity
  • National Transport Authority
  • Roche Pharmaceuticals
  • Coillte
  • JC Decaux
  • Brookfield Renewable
  • FM104
  • Essentra Packaging
  • Devine’s Chauffeur Service
  • TCL Plastics
  • Music Generation

Benefits to Clients:

  • reduced collisions
  • lower insurance costs
  • less repair and maintenance costs
  • fewer downtime costs
  • an enhanced driving style which will help reduce fatigue

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Advanced Driver Training for Companies & for Individuals

Whether you are representing a company looking for fleet training or an individual looking to improve and refresh your driving skills, look no further! Colm Branigan will deliver a course that suits your needs. Choose the Ultimate Advanced Driving Course in Ireland.  Our courses guarantee value for money and guarantee benefits.  Courses are delivered by registered RoSPA Advanced Driving Trainer and Qualified Driving Coach, Colm Branigan.


Customer Success Stories

Find out what our customers are saying. Explore our featured customer success stories.

advanced driving course
advanced driving course
advanced driving course

A Leader In The Industry

Choose the The Ultimate Advanced Driving Training Course. Contact Colm Branigan, a leader in the industry.

  • 22 years experience
  • RoSPA Advanced Driving Trainer
  • Qualified Driving Coach
  • Award Winning Driving Instructor
  • Premium Client List
  • Companies and Individuals 
  • Five-Star Customer Reviews

Colm Branigan

RoSPA Advanced Driving Instructor & Driving Coach

Five-Star Customer Reviews

“I took an advanced driving course with Colm because I wanted to brush up and improve my driving skills. I thought the course was excellent. It was extremely informative, helpful and rewarding”

Declan Mescall

Dublin 15

“Colm is a true professional and at the top of his game, and I would highly recommend him to other individuals and companies. I successfully passed the IAM Advanced Test because of his tuition.”

Paul Keogh

Dublin 14

Latest News

Customer Review from Coillte Land Solutions Sept 2018

The Commercial Team in Coillte chose Colm Branigan as he came highly recommended to us. Each of the participants found Colm’s style of coaching to be clear, concise and overall we all benefited from our training days.

Colm brings a unique style to his driving course making the driver feel at ease while at the same time giving little tips on how to improve the driving experience.

I would highly recommend Colm to other companies who wish to give their employees a new outlook on driving.

John Hoolan

Property Sales Team Leader, Land Solutions | Coillte

Customer Review from Music Generation August 2018

We chose Colm as after looking at the services that other instructors were providing, Colm offered the best level of customer service on every level – detailed account of what would be covered, thorough approach to listening to the reasons why we wanted to undertake the advanced driving course, assurance of  comprehensive reporting, flexibility to accommodate availability, preferred location and very good value for money.

We found Colm’s style of coaching highly effective – he put us at our ease but challenged us in a positive and encouraging way. A huge amount of material and tasks were covered in the 2-hour session but in a very paced and engaging way. Colm has a great way of explaining things clearly and helping you to apply them in the moment so they are understood.

We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Colm – excellent customer service, high quality of service tailored to the organisation and individual’s needs, extremely thorough approach to assessing driving capabilities of the customer in an enabling and motivating way and most importantly for us, the learning has improved driver awareness for safety.

Rosaleen Molloy, National Director, Music Generation.

Customer Review from Mary Montaut August 2018

I was delighted with my advanced driving lesson, which I found genuinely refreshing and helpful.  I have been interested in taking some advanced driving for a long time and my husband very kindly found Colm’s name online and he booked me a session for my seventieth birthday.  

I was naturally a bit nervous about receiving driving instruction after driving cars continuously for over forty years since my original lessons and test; but Colm set me at ease very rapidly with his kind and attentive manner and his gentle approach.  I found it easy to talk with him – it turned out that we are both dog lovers – and when it came to asking me questions about road signs and so on, I was quite confident to answer, and to tell him if I did not know the answer, which is much more to the point.

Since my lesson with Colm, I have found myself much better able to concentrate fully on my driving.  I use the car daily, both on motorway and country lanes, and I feel that his instructions were very useful.  The need to look to the furthest point in the road, to see as much as possible and to take my time in deciding the best course of action, have enabled me to be more attentive all round.  I was also very pleased to learn a more modern driving technique than the one I learned back in the late 1960s – in particular, the ‘brakes to slow, gears to go’ mantra which I now use instead of changing gear down to slow the car.  I find myself more confident on cornering, and indeed enjoy the feeling of the responsiveness of the car on the road.  I also benefit from the ‘change of mind set’ which he recommended.

I felt that the lesson was very well tailored to my personal needs, and I appreciated the attention which he gave to my driving, even while he did not make me feel in the least ‘judged’ or intimidated.

Colm will be amused to learn that I remind myself aloud about ‘stale’ green lights as well.  He said that commentary driving is a further step, and I feel I would like to do that someday.  I guess I am loquacious enough anyway!

I would most certainly recommend Colm Branigan as a driving instructor.

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July 2018 - Customer Review

“My solicitor suggested that I attend an advanced driving course as a result of a pending driving conviction, having searched online for providers I found Colm and his website looked very professional and detailed and looked to be exactly what I needed.

I found Colm incredibly easy to learn from and he was very patient. He explains things well using good examples and all of the material is extremely relevant to day-to-day driving.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Colm’s training to anyone, and I feel that they are very worthwhile for various reasons. My attendance was originally out of necessity but I enjoyed the session thoroughly and learned a lot. I would recommend that anyone looking to sharpen up their driving skills or drives in a professional capacity strongly consider doing one of these training courses.”

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April 2018 - AIG Consults with Colm Branigan

Ireland’s roads have never been busier, we are at capacity on many roads around the country and way over it on the M50 surrounding the capital. This means driving has never been more of a challenge. So, we thought we would ask experts for some advanced driving tips that may help you become a smarter driver and get where you are going safe and sound.

Advanced and defensive driving are terms that are sometimes confused so we asked driving expert Colm Branigan from Advanced Driving Ireland for his definitions.

Read full article here.


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